Black Box Theatre

Ages 12 to 19 (Saturdays 10am to 12:30pm)  – REGISTER

Learn how to create and be part of an innovative theater program

DATES: 6 Saturdays Starting May 4th, Skipping Memorial Day Weekend
TIMES: 10am to 12:30pm
LOCATION: Eastline Theatre, 2123 Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh
COST: $450


EastLine Theatre – Theater 101 Program

 “Intelligent Context and Understanding of the Theater”


Please join EastLine Theatre and its staff for an innovative program focusing on a holistic approach to theatrical production and performance.  


EastLine Theatre’s production expertise and execution has earned widespread critical acclaim and resulted in recognition by the Huntington Arts Council for the quality of its work.   Learn how to create an innovative theater program like EastLine’s.

Six, 2 and ½ hour sessions:  $450  (minimum 10 students)

One hour will be lecture on critical element of theater history and/or production

One and a half hours will be scene practice and hands on production skill development

Students will be introduced to topics in the history of western theatre, the large number of production roles in the theatre, types of stages, directing, and important theatre terms. In addition, students will practice physical and vocal techniques to improve their performance abilities.   The course will culminate in a short one-act reading production where students will be able to execute all of the activities that they have studied.  Students will operate all of the production facilities during the performance.

Course goals:  To provide the students with an opportunity to explore and learn the process of mounting a theatrical production from start to finish. In this course the students will act in and produce a play or scene night to be performed for the public each semester. In the participatory component the students will rehearse and then perform the chosen piece. Production responsibilities will include scenery, costumes, props and stage management. Administrative aspects will consist of securing royalties, marketing and publicity, playbill design, and house management.


Unit 1:  Lecture:  Theater Overview/Critical Theater Terms

            Practical:  Intro to theater production elements

Unit 2: Lecture:  Beginnings of Western theatre. (Greek, Roman, commedia           dell’arte, Elizabethan)

            Practical:  Introduction to Scene work and introduction to chosen piece

Unit 3: Lecture:  Production Roles ( Costumes, props, scenery, lighting, sound,                stage management)

            Practical:  Directing

Unit 4: Lecture:  Staging, Production Choices and Directing.

            Practical:  Lighting/Set Design/Physicality

Unit 5: Lecture:  The business of theater.  (Marketing, management, money)

            Practical: Blocking and Staging

Unit 6: Lecture:  Bringing it All Together

            Practical:  Rehearsal for Reading